Frequently Asked Questions 

Booking Questions 

  1. WHEN ARE YOU OPEN AND HOW FAR AWAY ARE YOU FROM THE LAS VEGAS STRIP? - We are open 365 days a year. Our hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm. We take our last drive-up customers at 4:45pm. We are about 40 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, just outside of Goodsprings, NV.  Directions to Adrenaline Mountain
  2. DO I NEED A RESERVATION? - If we are picking you up, yes, you need a reservation to schedule the shuttle bus. If you are driving yourself, we suggest reservations for things like Off Road, Monster Truck, and operate heavy equipment. We accept same-day reservations. Call us at (702) 878-2592 to schedule your reservation or book online.
  3. WHAT RESERVATION TIMES DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? - Adrenaline Mountain offers 6 pick-up times from the Las Vegas Strip. Pick-up times are 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm. These times are subject to change based on the season, but you will see available times when booking.
  4. IF I AM FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY, CAN I STILL DO ACTIVITIES AT ADRENALINE MOUNTAIN? - Yes, you can experience all Adrenaline Mountain has to offer, including shooting.
  5. DO YOU CHARGE FOR SPECTATORS TO COME ALONG IN THE TRANSPORTATION? - Yes, spectators are welcome to accompany paying customers for $25.00 per spectator (Limited to 2 spectators per purchased package). Transportation is subject to available space for spectators. If you have more than two spectators please check with us if there is space for your desired scheduled pick-up day and time. Please note that spectator charges can be used toward package prices if they decide to participate once they get to Adrenaline Mountain.
  6. IS THERE A CANCELLATION FEE? - If you cancel your experience within 24 hours of your pick-up time (or you no-show), there are no refunds. Please be sure to plan your activities the night before, relative to your pick-up time for Adrenaline Mountain. If you arrive drunk and in the sole opinion of the staff are not fit to participate safely in your booked activity, you will be denied the activity and there are no refunds in this case.
  7.  WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? - We accept all major credit cards, cash, PayPal, and cash app. Your ID must match your credit card. Even if you booked online your ID must match the credit card you used online.
  8. CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE MY GROUP? - Yes, we can accommodate groups up to 200 guests. Please contact Cristi Santana for groups of 10 or larger at [email protected]
  9. CAN I DO MORE THAN ONE ACTIVITY WHILE AT ADRENALINE MOUNTAIN?- Absolutely! Adrenaline Mountain was created as an adrenaline amusement park to let you combine as many activities as you like in one visit. If you are booking more than one activity, you only need to select the same pickup time for each activity.
  10.  I KNOW YOU ARE IN THE DESERT, IS THERE SHADE TO GET OUT OF THE SUN AND ELEMENTS? - Adrenaline Mountain has air-conditioned buildings, restrooms, shade, shelter, free chilled bottled water, soft drinks and snacks available for purchase, and even free wifi.
  11. THERE ARE A LOT OF US. CAN WE ALL RIDE UP IN THE SAME VEHICLE? - Adrenaline Mountain has two 15-passenger Transit vans, a 32-passenger shuttle bus, a 33-passenger shuttle bus, and a 37-passenger shuttle bus.

Transportation Questions 

  1. DO YOU OFFER FREE TRANSPORTATION? - All of our packages include complimentary transportation to and from the Adrenaline Mountain from your Las Vegas Strip hotel.
  2. WHERE WILL YOU PICK ME UP AT MY HOTEL? - We pick up at the Shuttle bus pick-up location at most Strip hotels. Ask a staff member at your hotel where the shuttle buses pick up. We pick up at Las Vegas Strip hotels and hotels a block off The Strip. We currently do not pick up in Downtown Las Vegas due to time constraints. If you are staying near Fremont Street, it is a quick Uber ride to The Stratosphere, our northernmost pickup location.
  3. DO I HAVE TO BE ON TIME FOR THE PICK-UP? - Yes, the drivers and other guests in the shuttle cannot wait for you. On average, it will take you 15 to 20 minutes to walk from your room, through the casino, to the pick-up area, so please plan accordingly. THE TIME YOU BOOKED IS YOUR PICK-UP TIME. The driver will attempt to call you about 30 minutes before your pick-up time to tell you exactly what time to be at the pick-up area and to confirm you know where to go. 
  4. CAN I DRIVE MYSELF TO THE MOUNTAIN? -  If you plan on driving yourself to the Mountain please follow the directions on our website. Currently, mapping apps have not updated to route to our address correctly 100% of the time. Another option for guests who want to drive themselves to the Mountain, we can meet you at The Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, then escort them to our 400-acre property just a few miles away. Call us at (702) 878-2592 if you have any questions. Directions to Adrenaline Mountain
  5. HOW LONG WILL I BE GONE? - We suggest budgeting 3 to 4 hours from when you leave to when you are dropped off at your hotel. Times may vary depending on the number of activities you choose and group size.

Off-Road and Monster Truck Questions 

  1. HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE TO DRIVE OR EVEN RIDE ALONG? - You must be 18 years old to drive and possess a valid drivers license to drive. Driving an off road vehicle on desert trails is more challenging than driving a car. You must know how to drive to operate our off road vehicles. We do honor international drivers licenses. Children may ride along in your vehicle provided they are physically large enough not to require a car seat. Helmets may or may not be available for small children.
  2. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? - We suggest close-toed shoes. Driving with Flip Flops is not permitted. We suggest dressing for the weather that day. Can't hurt to bring an extra layer in the Fall and Winter months. We do offer loaner winter wear, subject to availability.
  3. WHAT KIND OF OFF ROAD VEHICLES DO YOU HAVE? - We have a variety of off road UTV’s that include Polaris, Honda, and CFMoto. (Guests are not able to select their brand of UTV). We operate UTV’s only. The difference between a UTV and an ATV is similar to the difference between a car and a motorcycle. You sit ON an ATV and you sit IN a UTV. ATV’s do not have roll bars or protection for your body in the event of a roll over or crash. ATV’s do not have roofs to shelter you from the desert sun. UTV’s have roll bars, seatbelts, protection for your body in the event of a crash or roll over and roofs to protect you from the desert sun.
  4. DO YOU OFFER HELMETS? - Yes, we offer full-face, air pumper helmets that pump fresh filtered air into your helmet so you aren’t breathing the dust of the vehicle in front of you. This is a far cry from the bandanas most off-road companies offer.
  5. ARE YOUR OFF ROAD TRAILS CROWDED? - Adrenaline Mountain is the ONLY off-road company in Las Vegas with our own PRIVATE trails. We have custom-designed trails that go up and down mountains, through canyons, and past 100-year old mines on our massive 400-acre property.
  6. ARE YOUR TOURS GUIDED OR CAN WE GO OUT ON OUR OWN?  - We only offer guided tours for safety reasons. The desert is a very unforgiving place and if you break down, get a flat tire, or crash out in the desert on your own it could be very dangerous. Driving an off-road vehicle in the desert is much more challenging than driving a car. Without the expertise of a guide, your risk of rolling over or crashing is dramatically increased.
  7.  CAN MY FRIENDS RIDE IN THE MONSTER TRUCK WITH ME? - Only the driver and the instructor are permitted in the Monster Truck. This gives your friends the opportunity to take video and pictures of you driving.
  8. CAN I DO JUMPS AND FLIPS IN THE MONSTER TRUCK LIKE I SEE ON MONSTER JAM? - The drivers you see on Monster Jam are highly skilled drivers with years of training. Additionally, our Monster Truck is the world's longest Monster Truck and is not capable of what you see on Monster Jam. Maneuvering this beast around the track while working its rear steering is a feat in itself. You will get to do donuts and crab-crawl.

Outdoor Shooting Questions 

  1. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SHOOTING AND THE DIFFERENCE IN OUTDOOR RANGES? - Indoor shooting is done in an enclosed metal and concrete space where you are limited to targets at 25 yards. Outdoor shooting allows target shooting out to 200 yards at a variety of targets, including EXPLODING targets. To put it into other terms, it’s the difference between a fast food restaurant and a nice sit-down dinner. Indoor ranges are good if you don’t have a few hours to commit to an outdoor range, but if you have the time, outdoor is a far superior experience. But even outdoor ranges differ. Adrenaline Mountain designed and created the only climate-controlled firing line in Las Vegas. You get the best of both worlds as you stand inside the climate-controlled firing line out of the dirt, wind, and sun while you shoot at outdoor steel targets 25 to 200 yards away.
  2. IF I AM FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY, CAN I STILL DO ACTIVITIES AT ADRENALINE MOUNTAIN? - Yes, you can experience all Adrenaline Mountain has to offer, including shooting.
  3. WHAT RESERVATION TIMES DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? - Adrenaline Mountain offers 6 pick-up times from the Las Vegas Strip. Pick-up times are 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm. These times are subject to change based on the season, but you will see available times when booking.
  4. WHAT GUNS DO YOU HAVE FOR ME TO CHOOSE FROM? - Click here for a list of our firearms.
  5. I HAVE NEVER SHOT A GUN BEFORE, DO YOU HAVE INSTRUCTIONS? - We have hosted thousands of first-time shooters. The RSO (Range Safety Officer) will give you a safety briefing and show you how to hold each gun properly and will be right there by your side watching you in order to make sure you are doing it correctly. They will even suggest guns for you if you’d like.
  6. IS THERE AN AGE MINIMUM FOR SHOOTERS? -  It is less about age and more about the physical stature and observed capability by the RSO of the minor. Minors may be limited by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) in the size of the guns they can shoot, or the RSO may have a hand on a gun. The RSO’s are all about safety and will always put that first. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian authorized to sign a waiver on behalf of the minor.
  7.  HOW MANY ROUNDS COME WITH EACH FIREARM? - The round count varies with each firearm. Most Full-Autos have 20 rounds. Most Handguns have 6 to 15 rounds. Shotguns have 4 to 5 shells based on the type of shotgun. Sniper Rifles have 5 rounds and include exploding targets, the number of which is related to the size of the gun package you chose. With ammo prices literally being 3 times their normal price, we opted to reduce the amount of ammo we normally offer to the above quantities rather than raise the prices of the packages. Guests can still experience what it’s like to shoot at our competitive prices
  8. CAN WE SPLIT A PACKAGE OR SHARE A FIREARM?- No, each guest who shoots must have their own package. We do not allow any of the guns to be shared. If you start shooting a gun, another person cannot finish it. If someone in your party does not want to shoot the remaining guns in their package, you can shoot their remaining firearms, as long as you have a shooting package as well.
  9. WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE FIREARM I WOULD LIKE TO SHOOT AVAILABLE? - We have over 80 firearms on the firing line and sometimes they are down for maintenance or repair. If the firearm that you would like to shoot is not available, our RSO's will work to find the closest match to that firearm for you.
  10. CAN I CHOOSE ANY GUN TO SHOOT IN MY GUN PACKAGE? - Adrenaline Mountain offers more than 70 guns for you to choose from within your package. Although some of our higher-end specialty packages include them, the following guns are optional add-ons for an additional price: Barrett .50 cal, Savage .338 Lapua, M2 .50 cal full auto, 1919 Belt Fed, M60 Belt Fed, M249 SAW, and potentially a few more after the publication of this FAQ.
  11. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? - We suggest close-toed shoes and no low-cut tops due to flying hot shells. Although the firing lines are climate controlled, we suggest dressing for the weather that day. Can't hurt to bring an extra layer in the Fall and Winter months.
  12. CAN I TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF ME AND MY FRIENDS SHOOTING? - Yes, we encourage you to take as many pictures and videos as you want. PLEASE NOTE: Professional and semi-professional photo and video shoots that require setup time or anything to delay the natural flow of the shooting package are subject to an hourly fee in addition to the gun package price. You are allowed to shoot video from drones at your own risk. Professional and semi-professional photo shoots must tag Adrenaline Mountain.
  13. CAN I SHOOT MY OWN FIREARMS AT YOUR RANGE AND DOES ADRENALINE MOUNTAIN SELL FIREARMS OR AMMO? - No, our range is for people to enjoy our shooting experiences using the firearms and ammo that we provide.
  14. DO YOU PROVIDE EAR AND EYE PROTECTION? - Yes, we do provide complimentary ear and eye protection.

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