Frequently Asked Questions 

Only Adrenaline Amusement Park in Las Vegas 

  1. WHEN ARE YOU OPEN AND HOW FAR AWAY ARE YOU FROM THE LAS VEGAS STRIP? - We are open 365 days a year and are about 40 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, just outside of Goodspring, NV. All of our packages include complimentary transportation to and from the range from your Strip or Downtown hotel. Directions to Adrenaline Mountain
  2. WHERE WILL YOU PICK ME UP AT MY HOTEL? - We pick up at most Las Vegas Strip, currently we do not pick up in Downtown Las Vegas. The Stratosphere is the northernmost pickup location.
  3. DO I HAVE TO BE ON TIME FOR THE PICK-UP? - Yes, the drivers can only wait for you for 10 minutes prior to leaving for their next pick-up. Our vans are limited to no more than four pick-up locations per shoot time to reduce waiting time for the first guest(s) picked up. Your pickup time is the time you booked your experience. 
  4. DO YOU CHARGE FOR SPECTATORS TO COME ALONG IN TRANSPORTATION? - Yes, spectators are welcome to ride along with paying customers for $25.00 per spectator (Limited to 2 spectators per purchased package). Transportation is subject to available space. If you have more than two spectators please check with us if there is space for your desired scheduled pick-up day and time. Please note that spectator charges can be used toward package prices if they want to participate once they get to Adrenaline Mountain.
  5. CAN I DRIVE MYSELF TO THE MOUNTAIN? - If you plan on driving yourself to the Mountain please follow the directions on our website. Currently, mapping apps have not updated to route to our address correctly 100% of the time. Another option for guests who want to drive themselves to the Mountain, we can meet you at The Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, then escort them to our 400-acre property just a few miles away. Call us at (702) 878-2592 if you have any questions.
  6. DO I NEED A RESERVATION? - We highly recommend reservations so you don’t have to wait hours for an opening once you arrive. We also have to schedule the transportation to pick you up. Same-day reservations are fine. Call us at (702) 878-2592 to see what time would be best for us to pick you up.
  7. IS THERE A CANCELLATION FEE? - If you cancel your experience within 24 hours of your pick-up time (or you no-show), there are no refunds. You can reschedule your experience within 24 hours prior to your pick-up time without penalty. If you arrive drunk and in the opinion of the staff are not fit to participate safely in your booked experience, there are no refunds.
  8. IS THERE A RESTROOM, OR FOOD AND DRINK AT THE MOUNTAIN? - Yes, there is a restroom. We also provide complimentary bottled water and soft drinks and snacks are available for purchase.
  9. HOW LONG WILL I BE GONE? - The time you will be gone varies depending on the number of guests in your party and which experiences you book. We suggest budgeting 3 to 4 hours from when you leave to when you are dropped off at your hotel. However, most people are done and back to their hotel in around 3 hours.
  10. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? - We suggest close-toed shoes and no low-cut tops due to flying hot shells. Although the firing lines are climate controlled, we suggest dressing for the weather that day. Can't hurt to bring an extra layer in the Fall and Winter months.
  11. IS THERE AN AGE MINIMUM FOR SHOOTERS? -  It is less about age and more about the physical stature and observed capability of the minor. Minors may be limited by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) in the guns they can shoot, the RSO may have a hand on a gun, or not allow them to shoot if in the RSO’s opinion it would not be safe. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian authorized to sign a waiver on behalf of the minor.
  12. CAN WE SPLIT A PACKAGE OR SHARE A FIREARM? - No, each guest who shoots must have their own package. We do not allow any of the guns to be shared. If you start shooting a gun, another person can not finish it. If someone in your party does not want to shoot the remaining guns in their package, you can shoot their remaining firearms, as long as you have a shooting package as well.
  13. WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE FIREARM I WOULD LIKE TO SHOOT AVAILABLE? - We have over 80 firearms on the firing line and sometimes they are down for maintenance or repair. If the firearm that you would like to shoot is not available, our RSO's will work to find the closest match to that firearm for you. 
  14. HOW MANY ROUNDS COME WITH EACH FIREARM? - The round count varies with each firearm. Full-Autos have 10 to 20 rounds depending on the calibers of the firearms selected. Handguns have between 3 to 15 depending on the caliber of firearm. Sniper Rifles have between 5 and 10 rounds depending on the caliber of the firearm. Shotguns have 3 to 5 shells based on the type of shotgun.
  15. CAN I SHOOT MY OWN FIREARMS AT YOUR RANGE AND DOES ADRENALINE MOUNTAIN SELL FIREARMS OR AMMO? - No, our range is for people to enjoy shooting experiences using the firearms and ammo that we provide.

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